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Hi, I'm Jessica,

a Research-Driven Product Designer who crafts experiences that leave users thinking "That is nice!"

About Jessica


I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of diverse experience in fields such as graphic design, visual effects, marketing and real estate. This has allowed me to hone my skills in design, technology and people as well as deepen my understanding of users' needs. When I discovered UX design, I realized that it was the perfect blend of my passions in one industry.

As a UX designer, I enjoy getting to know people and understanding their motivations. I am driven to help users overcome frustrations and improve their overall satisfaction. There is a unique joy that comes with being able to bring together the creative design process with analytical and strategic thinking, all while ensuring that business objectives are met. It is this perfect balance of creativity and logic that makes my role as a UX designer fulfilling.

In my free time, I enjoy:


  • Being a podcast junkie, diving into topics related to psychology and quirky things happening around the world

  • Swimming and playing tennis

  • Learning and experimenting with new ways and systems to work / live efficiently

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